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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Yamaho Yama (2012)

As Yamaho Yama completes, it is sure to seem like an accidental socio-fantasy film. The hero, at some point in the story, falls in love 

with Swapna (Parvathi Milton), who is loved and lusted by Jinda, a bloodthirsty villain. Now Jinda is greater than Obul Reddy (Prakash 

Raj's character in Okkadu) because this erstwhile vagabond committed a series of political murders and soaked himself in factionism 

just to overpower Peddi Reddy and win his daughter by his asura-like force. Otherwise, he would still be leading the life of a beggar 


It is now up to Balu (Sairam Shankar, an accidental and unmistakably baneful male lead of Tollywood) to save Swapna from being forcibly 

taken over by the Rakshasa-like lecher. Wait, there is a stupid slip up here. Once Balu is in Adoni, the Rakshasa prefers to entertain 

his rival lover's tantrums, allows himself to be belittled and taken for a ride, even as his many henchmen behave like headless jokers 

till the last. Now and then he tries to kill the hero on the run, but inexplicably prefers not to touch him with a barge pole when he 

is at an arm's length.

With a handful of funny villains like these, no Telugu hero would need the help of a Supernatural Lord to redeem himself. Yet the film

throws up one devastatingly asinine Yama twist that only makes this story the worst of the year.

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Item Reviewed: Yamaho Yama (2012) Rating: 5 Reviewed By: TeluguPeople Adda