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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Yodha (1992)

Yoddha - Telugu Full Movie - 1992 - Producer : Saga Films, Director : Sangeeth Shivan, Cast : Master Sidhartha, Mohanlal, Madhubala, Urvasi, Sukumari, Jagadish Kumaran, Punnet Issar, Music Director : A.R.Rehman. Synopsis : In an unknown location in Nepalese Himalayas, a young monk (Sidharth Lama) was about to be crowned the Rimpoche of the monastery. But he was kidnapped by the leader of black magician (Puneet Issar). He wants to make human sacrifice of the monk to attain invincibility. The other monks in the monastery believe that a saviour will arrive to rescue him. Meanwhile, the young monk escapes from the clutches of black magicians. On the other side, in a same village in the south, Ashok (Mohanlal), an unemployed youth and his cousin Apparao (Jagathi Sreekumar) are always busy competing with each other in games. Apparao cannot tolerate Ashok being friendly with his fiance Damayanti (Urvashi) and he envies him. An astrologer predicts that Ashok will murder a person if he stays in the same village. So Ashok's mother sends him to Nepal to his maternal uncle's place. Before Ashok reaches there, Apparao had already established himself as Ashok. Ashok is cast out on the streets of Kathmandu, where he meets Rimpoche and forms friendship with him. In the meanwhile, Ashok falls in love with Ashwini (Madhubala) his uncle's daughter, who is busy researching about Nepalese traditions and black magic. Once accudentaly, Ashwini comes to know about rimpoche who is staying with Ashok. But the gang of black magicians attacks them, wounding Ashwini and blinds Ashok and takes away Rimpoche. Ashwini and Ashok are thyen rescued by the adivasis and Ashok is trained to overcome him blindness. He then comes to know that he is the chosen one who was born to save Rimpoche. The rest of the story is about how the black magicians try to kill Rimpoche and how Ashok saves him.
Item Reviewed: Yodha (1992) Rating: 5 Reviewed By: TeluguPeople Adda