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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Rendu (2006)

Rendu is a story which combines romance, comedy and action. Reema Sen's glamour, Vadivelu's comedy, Anushka's acting, Imman's tunes and a flashback lift up the film.Police is behind a killer who murders three people. All three of them in quick succession after informing the police. The mystery surrounding these murders puzzles the police. CBI officer Bhagyaraj zeroes in on Madhavan and arrests him when he was roaming with 'uncle' Vadivelu and 'lover' Reema Sen. An investigation, however, reveals that Madhavan is not the culprit and that the real killer is someone else who is blind. Then the police get information that the killer is after a Bombay industrialist.What made the culprit commit the murders, what happens to the innocent Madhavan and whether the police could save the Bombay industrialist are the questions which rest of the film answers.The romantic scenes looked so easy for Madhavan. Reema Sen has not much to do. Vadivelu's comedy scene in a temple where he takes his lover to marry brings the House down. In the later half of the film, Anushka steals the show
Item Reviewed: Rendu (2006) Rating: 5 Reviewed By: TeluguPeople Adda