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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Rambha Neeku Urvasi Naku (2005)

Rambha Neeku Urvasi Naaku is another form of exhibition of admiration to Chiranjeevi. By doing so they think they can draw crowds to box office, as Chiranjeevi's posters are associated with the film. This is definitely not true love for Chiranjeevi. If they have, they would never show him in these low taste scenes. Similarly there is another character that projects cricket's hero Tendulkar. He calls himself Sachin (Ashwin) and the other takes the name of Chiru (Siva Reddy). These two boys open the film imagining in their bedrooms of their heroes. They are brothers and their parents (Rallapalli and Jayalalitha) quarrel over the issue of who should marry whom. You may wonder what the other characters do in the film. Nothing. MS Narayana defines the initials M and S in his name as 'Mandu Seesa'. He is seen busy propagating the value of liquor in one's life. Brahmanandam poses as a Don and his character is restricted to a few scenes. Jayaprakash Reddy is busy to find a woman to marry his adopted son (Venumadhav). And he goes for a TV anchor and forces her to marry his boy. He is said to be exporting girls to red light area. JP's character ends in the hands of his unwed wife, who blasts him with her belt bomb, proving perfect suicide bomber. Babumohan puts a pair of shoes around his neck and awaits a right kind of woman to marry him. The foot wear belongs to Brahmanandam. Rallapalli is worried that his sons Chiru and Sachin are not willing to marry. Therefore he drowns his agony along with alcohol in the company of MS. Krishnaveni plays Rallapalli's wife.
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