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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Police Police (2010)

Ranadheer (Sriram) is a young and dynamic Assistant Commissionr of Police. A fearless honest cop, he is admired and adored by everyone in the department.

His deputy Ravikanth (Prithviraj) is extremely opposite to him. He is selfish and greedy. He hires goons and manages to kill ultras and wins accolades from his higher authorities. Also he does a series of murders for personal gains.

Meanwhile a flashback reveals that Randheer (Sriram) had lost his family due to greedy acts of a senior police officer and hence he takes a vow to come and clean the system and punish evil police officers. He finds out that all is not well with Ravikanth (Prithviraj) and follows him. They are pitted against each other. Who eventually wins forms the crux.

Item Reviewed: Police Police (2010) Rating: 5 Reviewed By: TeluguPeople Adda