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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Maha Chandi (2010)

Director: Bharathi Kannan
Music: T Rajender
Editing: Madhav
Story: Sree Movie Productions Unit
Director: Bharathi Kannan
Action: Kanal Kannan
Art Director: Ramakrishna
Banner: Sree Movie Productions
Cast: Vijayashanthi, Laya, Karna, Sudhakar, Ali, Rajan P Dev, Sukanya, Khusbu

Bhairava Murthy (Karan) conspires with Veerabhadram (Rajan P Devan) and tries to appease Goddess Kali, 'cos he wants to be an MLA. He even renovates her temple, putting in state-of-the-art décor. She refuses to be pleased. So the duo start trying to invoke Chandasur, a certain unsavory character the divine lady had disposed a few millennia before. This is what incenses the lady. Understandable, what! These politicians seem to straddle fences everywhere!

Item Reviewed: Maha Chandi (2010) Rating: 5 Reviewed By: TeluguPeople Adda