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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Khaidi No 786 (1988)

Super Hit Movie of Chiranjeevi .Story opens with a jail scene and Chiranjeevi in it Bhanu Priya Chiru wife comes to meet him and remembers her flashback .Chiru is a very good musician(harmony) Chiru father(satyanaryana) (Kotasrinivas Rao)BhanuPriyas father and Mohan Babu(Police Inspector) .The story revolves around in the village Bhanu is a very head strong rich female she carries negative opinion about Chiru (Gopi) she decides to take revenge on him requesting him to teach her music and then she takes the oppurtunity to blame him in front of everyone in the panchayat.Then Gopi teaches her a lesson by marriying her at that moment Nirmala(GrandMother) stops bhanu to take hasty decision and then she explains her where does she comes from after knowing the facts she starts loving Gopi but Gopi is not ready to accept her in his life but facing struggles she moulds him .Bhanu father is against their relation and he creats lots of problem in their life by blaming a muder case attempt on him with the help of Mohan Babu.How Gopi solves this problem ? How he escapes? watch the movie to know .Beautiful super hits melody songs Guvva Gorinka tho and more Don't miss to watch .
Item Reviewed: Khaidi No 786 (1988) Rating: 5 Reviewed By: TeluguPeople Adda