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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Aawara (2010)

Shiva (Karthi) is a young, carefree and jobless man, staying at Bangalore. He has a loyal group of friends who are determined to make him a responsible guy and therefore desperately try to get him a job somehow. One day, while getting off the bus, he sees a young beautiful girl named Charulatha (Tamannaah) who is also looking for a job, and immediately falls for her. He later gets to spot her at few occasions, trying to follow her, and even misses the interview, his friends had arranged for him, during one such day.
One day, Shiva goes to the railway station as he is supposed to pick a friend and owner of the car, Shiva and his friends use. While waiting for the friend to arrive, Charulatha, apparently in a very tensed mood, and her uncle, mistaking Shiva to be a cab driver, ask him to drop them at Chennai. Excited to give his dream girl a ride, he accepts and escorts them. They stop at a filling station to refuel the car, when Charulatha suddenly requests Shiva to drive on, losing and leaving her uncle behind. Shiva does as she wishes and takes off without her uncle. She first asks Shiva to drop her at the airport and later at a railway station, but as she misses her flight and is also not able to go by train, she requests Shiva whether he would take her to Mumbai by car.
Shiva, immensely thrilled by this request, instantly agrees and escorts her to Mumbai. During the journey she finally reveals her story, after Shiva had asked several times to tell about her problems and the reason for the journey to Mumbai. It comes to light that Charulatha's mother, always supporting her daughter, died after a violent altercation with her father, who since tried to subject Charulatha and make her marry an unknown man he had chosen for her. Not willing to bow his father's wishes, she had escaped from home, but was later found by her father's business partner, Jayaraman, the supposed uncle of her. He was about to take her to the marriage registration arranged by her father, hence Charulatha was trying to escape and insisted on leaving him behind at the filling station. She heads to Mumbai as she wants to stay at her grandmother's home.
However, she is followed by a gang, led by a furious Telugu-speaking Amma, whom she and Shiva just about manage to escape. Shiva then decides to change the route in order to avoid the gang, but encounters another gang. He realizes that this gang, however, is not following Charulatha, but himself, as they are the henchmen of a Mumbai-based gangster Baali (Milind Soman). He recalls an incident that happened some years ago in Mumbai, when he stayed there at his friend 's house. He had beaten one of Baali's men, who had attacked him, and later Baali himself, without knowing about him and his reputation in the city, and returned to Bangalore. Both the gangs are now following the couple to achieve their targets. Whether they both can escape both gangs and whether Shiva was able to express his love to Charulatha forms the crux.
In the end, Shiva manages to save Charulatha from the clutches of Baali and his friends express his feelings to Charulatha who happily accepts Shiva's love for she too had fallen for him during the journey.

Item Reviewed: Aawara (2010) Rating: 5 Reviewed By: TeluguPeople Adda