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Monday, 11 March 2013

Sharada (1973)

A psychiatrist (Shobhan babu) visits a small village for a friend's marriage. Everyone thinks they have seen a ghost. The doctor soon finds out the reason. Sarada a women has lost her husband who looks like Shoban Babu who dies in a boat accident. She loses her mind and believes that her husband is not dead. She waits for him every evening all dressed up and even her brother (Satyanarayana) goes with the flow in the fear of losing his sister if she came to know the truth. Sarada (Sharada) believes the psychiatrist to be her missing husband. He then finds that the only way he can help her regain her sanity is by playing along with her madness. The interesting part starts from here. Its very heart trenching to see how he helps her became normal. Super hit film of the 70s with beautiful songs.
Item Reviewed: Sharada (1973) Rating: 5 Reviewed By: TeluguPeople Adda